AltCal Events Calendar App: Demo And Introduction

About Us


Powered by Dream Catcher Technology, AltCal is a mobile website and app that busy people use to move ideas and plans from email, text, and webpages into one place.

Its a Changing World. With so many schedules to keep organized, its nice to know that something so easy at ALTCAL can help you get centralized. Store away links, subscriptions, invitations as well as important meetings and appointments, Download ALTCAL and let it help you easily adjust to the new Work From Home Lifestyle.

Manage your day in style with colorful display of online activities, idea photos, meal recipes, screenshots and streaming schedules. The AltCal timecheck feature keeps you informed and ready to master your daily goals. You will stay organized.

AltCal works like an intelligent, itemized index designed to work with your daily calendar. Use the website and mobile app to manage your schedule, screenshots, photos, attachments, and notes into one place where you can turn ideas into plans.