What is AltCal- AltCal: Event Calendar App+Mobile to Search-Save-Sync | Post Ideas, Make Schedules, Organize Leisure Plans

What is AltCal


AltCal is the new private 2020 Work & Life app that reimagines how a calendar can be used for saving your ideas, event dates and making plans. A 24 hour day is displayed as an open format which allows you to plan outside of a box. No more limits of time boxes and grids. Design your day view with colorful images, notes. Invite others to join your schedule, stay in the know, or join a specific moment.

It has a simple to use design with voice and tap touch features to upload invitations, school schedules, kids activities, fitness plans, meal recipes, images and screenshots to a central feed which can be shared at any time.

Stay Informed- Don't miss out on hobbies, sports, get togethers and gatherings. Also use AltCal for podcasts and watch lists for TV, Film and Live Streaming entertainment,

Find Balance between Work and Family life with the help of the advanced AltCal menu search options which lets you also tag to identify incomplete and upcoming entries.

Use it as a shared family calendar for alerts, notes and reminders.

Organize and sync the events with your schedule on the AltCal Calendar to your daily ICal Calendar.